comparison between Luminati proxy and Proxyland
Proxyland - the best Luminati alternative


Compared to Proxyland

Proxyland® is 4x cheaper than Luminati and you can test all our network for just $3. Check out the complete comparison below.

• No Credit Card Required • Quick Setup • Easy To Use
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why Proxyland is a better alternative to Luminati proxies
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The best alternative to Luminati Network

Why Proxyland and not Luminati

4 times cheaper

Luminati charges $32.50 for 1 GB. With Proxyland you have the same proxies for $2.9 per 1 GB.

No monthly commitment

Luminati asks you for a $500 minimum, monthly commitment. With Proxyland you pay as you go.

Get access to 1M+ proxies for just $3

Not sure if our proxies work for your particular use case? Register a free account with us and you'll be able to test all our network for just $3. We're keen to let you try us first.

What can you use our proxies for

We don't limit what you do with our residential proxies. Provided there's a legitimate (legal) use case, we won't interrupt your activity.

Social media automation and bots

Manage unlimited social media accounts. Perform mass actions with your favorite bots.

Data mining, web scraping and crawling

Perform massive data mining operations simultaneously without getting blocked or restricted.

Create and manage multiple accounts

Create and manage unlimited social media profiles simultaneously, without getting banned.

Ebay & Amazon scraping and automation

Access real prices on eBay. Auto bid from multiple accounts. Scrape data. Manage multiple accounts.

SEO monitoring, automation and scraping

Scrape & monitor SEO data. Harvest URLs. Perfect for ScrapeBox and other SEO tools.

Analyze, scrape and aggregate data

Analyze and aggregate data from across the globe with ease. Perfect for price comparisons.

Set up in 2 minutes or less

Get set up in seconds


Create your account

Register a free account with us and you'll be able to test 10MB worth of data for free. We're keen to let you try us first.


Configure Proxy Package

Easily set up your proxy package by naming it, selecting countries you'd like to use, and the amount of IPs you want allocated.


Plug In user:pass

Your proxy package is assigned a username and password. Plug these in while using your residential proxies and you're ready.

Create a free account
• No Credit Card Required • Quick Setup • Easy To Use
Special trial package

We're the most cost effective solution

Industry 'leaders' will charge you $32.50/GB with a monthly commitment between $500 to $30,000. You know who they are.

We charge you $0.87/100Mb, or $87 for 10GB of data.

You can test Proxyland with 100Mb of residential IP data for just $3. You get complete access to all our network so that you can see if it suits your needs.

$ 0.87 / 100Mb
Billed at $87/ 10GB
  • 10GB of data
  • Unlimited proxy packages
  • Country-based residential IPs
  • Data monitoring
  • Simple set up
  • Pay as you go
Grab your special test data • Access to 1M+ proxies • Quick Setup • Easy To Use
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You're in good company

Over 150+ businesses use our residential proxies for their data solutions. We provide ample support to data providers, social media automation tools, and other companies. Here's what some of them have to say:

"No frills residential IPs"

We needed residential IPs to improve the stability of our data scrapers. It's a pretty plug and play solution. Thanks Markus.

Product, ElevenYellow
Thomas M.

"Does what we need it to do"

It's simple enough to use and gets the job done for us. Can't complain. Also dead cheap compared to oxylabs / luminati and all those other providers.

CTO, Crunchd
Javier C.

"Cheap and efficient"

Uptime of the residential IPs is pretty good. No issues with integrating into our platform. I get daily reminders to get more data. I'm glad you reached out to us. No BS

CEO, Upleap
Ahmad K.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our customers use proxies for SEO monitoring & SERP analysis, travel aggregation, data extraction and data scraping, ad verification, e-commerce data aggregation, traffic re-routing, and more. Data extraction seems to be the most popular choice with us.

We don't harass you about your use case, we're cheaper, and we're reliable. Not to be blunt, but we're worth a try. For comparison's sake, leading residential proxy providers charge you $32.50 per GB. We charge you $0.87 per 100Mb.

Create your Proxyland® account in a few seconds. Verify your email. Create a package by specifying where you want your residential proxies to come from, and how many of them you want. Get your user:pass credentials and integrate seamlessly into your own application.

Data never expires. We're completely pay-as-you-go with no commitments.

Generally, yes. But if you abuse residential proxies on our network for criminal activity of any kind we (nor the relevant authorities) will not tolerate it. Provided you have a legitimate use case, feel free to use our solution.

Yes. Our proxies work both in browsers and programatically. You can find step by step guides here.

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